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CBD (cannabidiol)

The therapeutic jewel of multipurpose molecules.
Aspen Green  

Reach for the peak of purity for the purest hemp products, Aspen Green CBD oil tinctures carry the coveted USDA organic seal and set the bar for quality CBD products. The vast majority of the ingredients within their CBD catalog are organic and the company’s primary mission is to provide the purest full spectrum CBD oil on the planet. Their hemp is grown in the optimal climate and topography of Colorado and is free of toxins and pesticides. It’s true, purity matters and Aspen Green’s CBD comes with a pedigree.

  CBD Living  

CBD Living is a highly reputable and internationally known company that produces over 100 CBD (cannabidiol) products that are of the very highest quality. Their expansive inventory of products offers something for everyone and even their pets too. Best of all, CBD Living’s proprietary nanotechnology enables faster absorption of increased levels of CBD oil. The vast majority of CBD products are oil-based but CBD Living changed the game by making their CBD water soluble through nanotechnology. Since water accounts for most of the body’s composition, it comes to no surprise that it is much easier for people to absorb their products.

  Kat's Botanicals  

If you are looking for all natural products, you’ll naturally love Kat’s Botanicals. They carry an impressive assortment of CBD oil products, turmeric capsules and fresh to the scene botanicals that are entering the mainstream thanks to natural health enthusiasts. Kat’s Botanicals offers over 15 varieties of kratom powder and shilajit, a highly beneficial botanical cultivated high in the mountains. Kratom powder and shilajit are gaining a lot of popularity as more and more people turn to alternative wellness. Our kratom powder is harvested for both maturity and potency. Each strain is painstakingly lab tested to ensure quality, cleanliness and strength. Lastly, our CBD oil contains all natural and organic ingredients that are grown with care at high altitudes in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to promote all of the benefits of CBD oil for your mind, body and overall health and wellness.


Elixinol has been involved with hemp production for over two decades and they only cultivate top-quality strains of hemp that are organically grown and naturally processed to ensure that they exceed the industry standards for top quality hemp products and maximum purity cannabidiol (CBD}. Elixinol CBD oil liposomes contain pre-dissolved cannabidiol that is combined with microscopic liposomes and natural phospholipids, which is a proven technological process that supports the healthy cellular delivery of CBD oil. Also, their CBD oil liposomes use full-spectrum hemp extracts from specifically bred industrial hemp plants that contain high potency CBD with no synthetic or isolated cannabinoids. Additionally, their CBD capsules contain all of the synergistic cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenoids and other powerful compounds from the original hemp plant. Lastly, Elixinol carries a sports gel that delivers a powerful combination of top shelf hemp extract that has an abundant amount of CBD, arnica, capsaicin and camphor. Their signature gel absorbs quickly into all skin types without a trace and it will keep you primed and ready for the day ahead.

  Green Garden Gold  

Green Garden Gold has been a dependable distributor of powerful, full spectrum CBD products since 2014. Their product line features a wide variety of products including capsules, pure crystalline as well as medicine for Fido and all of these products are made possible by the unparalleled organic hemp grown in the great state of Colorado. They also take the healing powers of CBD to new heights by providing resilient probiotics, MCT powder and many other products that take daily health regimens to the next level. Simply put, Green Garden Gold does CBD the right way, from start to finish. They use the best possible supercritical CO2 extraction methods to keep the CBD pure and clean and they test all of their ingredients and products for heavy metals, contaminants, pesticides, molds and other microbials. At the end of the manufacturing process, third party lab tests are performed on their products for cannabinoids so consumers know exactly how much CBD, CBG, or CBN that they are getting. Green Garden Gold’s premium CBD products adhere to FDA federal protocols that go far beyond simple GMP standards.

  Petly CBD  

Petly CBD is the brainchild of two proud dog owners that wanted the very best for their pets and everyone else’s too. Their philosophy and driving force behind the company and its products is “health comes from within.” They have spent an extensive amount of time researching CBD oil along with the best ingredients available for making their products highly effective. They take the science behind their products very seriously, which is why accomplished veterinarians formulated their best-selling CBD dog treats and proudly sign off on their potent CBD oil tinctures. It’s truly the quality of Petly‘s CBD oil that sets them apart from the rest of the industry and this is a direct result of their painstaking sourcing and processing methods. As far as sourcing goes, they use proprietary hemp genetics for their entire CBD product line and consumers benefit from high levels of consistency that can’t be found in most vendors. Lastly, every product that Petly CBD creates starts with their natural proprietary strains of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, which is grown in the nutrient-rich soil of Colorado. They take advantage of a 100% organic state-of-the-art farming process that enhances the quality of their natural proprietary strains, while ensuring that their products are safe, regulated and unsurpassed in their potency and consistency.

CTFO CBD Business  

CTFO’s premium products include 10X pure CBD oil drops that are hydrophilic, which makes it easily absorbable into the body and these drops have increased potency while acting as both a prebiotic and anti-bacterial ally. CBD in itself aids the support of healthy blood sugar levels and promotes increased energy levels, relieves anxiety, aids in digestion and raises the bar for optimal immune system performance. In addition to all of these positive attributes, CBD also provides it users of an increased sense of serenity and overall wellness. Please don’t be misled by the cost of CBD because it’s solely the amount of CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) and CBD that enters your blood stream that makes the difference. CTFO also makes it possible to operate your own CBD business without a start up cost and they are truly changing the future for the good of humanity.

  Honest Paws  

The crew at Honest Paws believes that health comes first and they want to do more than just provide a solution for your pet’s ailments. True health starts from within and that is the driving force behind the creation of their excellent products that not only keep your pet looking healthy but also give them an increased sense of well-being. Honest Paws wants to help people make the most out of the precious time with their pets and they deserve the very best, which is why they have sourced the most exceptionally pure CBD oil and natural ingredients. They truly hold themselves to the highest manufacturing standards in order to maintain freshness and effectively ensure that their products are one of a kind, just like your pet.


Organixx proudly features a collagen supplement that is scientifically designed to promote younger looking skin along with fewer aches and pains. Their whole food supplements are the result of condensing large amounts of a plant, herb, mineral or other ingredient into a little pill. If you don’t use organic ingredients and the plants you use have been sprayed with pesticides like glyphosate, the result is a condensed down pesticide. This thoroughly defeats the purpose of taking a supplement to support good health especially when Organixx supplies the market with products that mainly use organic ingredients. To finally find a supplement company that is 100% committed to using the purest, non-GMO and USDA certified organic ingredients wherever and whenever possible is truly a breath of fresh air.


CBDMEDIC provides advanced relief that is powered by nature by supplying the first family of OTC topical medications that combine active pharmaceutical ingredients with hemp extract and other natural emoliants. Their high quality products appeal to both newcomers and veterans of the CBD industry, which one can see by looking at the results of their third-party lab tests. CBDMEDIC’s CBD creams, ointments and massage oils do not contain artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, steroids, parabens, petrolatum or phthalates. What they do contain is a powerful combination of ingredients that provide highly effective and all natural relief for arthritis, everyday aches and pains and occasional pulled muscles. They also provide very effective skin treatments that combine natural emollients, active pharmaceutical ingredients and THC-free hemp extract that are the direct result of fifteen years of pharmaceutical research and development. The synergy of their product’s ingredients results in exceptional performance in the eyes of healthcare practitioners and customers all over the world.


CBDfx is a premier online CBD retailer that proudly supplies over 50 various high quality CBD products to consumers all over the world. This includes full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD products and their top priority is to provide consumers with access to pure CBD products derived by the best ingredients available, such as organically farmed hemp. CBDfx’s fresh and advanced product line includes vaporizers, CBD additives and vape oil along with CBD topicals, tinctures, edibles, drinks, capsules and gummies. Their vision is to provide a worldwide CBD marketplace in which people from all walks of life are able to obtain top-shelf CBD products that are always organic and refreshingly innovative, thus providing the purest experience possible.

  Joy Organics  

Joy Organics was created with a very clear initiative to develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, with service to match. Their products are all made with premium grade, THC-free, broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil from the great state of Colorado and in order to create the world’s best CBD products, their partners are chosen very carefully. All of the raw hemp compounds used in their products are supplied largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the United States. In conclusion, it’s the company’s superior farming methods, raw hemp processing, proprietary extraction, separation methods, THC removal and refining, third party lab testing and proprietary nanoemulsion technology that significantly distances them from their competitors.

Pass Your Test  

Pass Your Test was created to provide the highest quality detoxification products available to help individuals cleanse their bodies of toxins. They have dedicated the last 20 years to bringing effective detoxification programs to their customers so they can reach their personal cleansing goals. Every product they carry is backed by a full money back satisfaction guarantee. The cleansing products offered by Nutra Cleanse are engineered with a cutting edge formulation of herbs and vitamins that support the body’s natural detoxification process and they are also developed in FDA certified GMP labs in the United States. All of their products are easy to use and come with detailed instructions and their home testing kits allow you to test yourself and personally see the results of your cleanse. Additionally, Pass Your Test offers phone and email customer support along with a reliable shipping department that fulfills orders quickly and shipping is free on all U.S. orders.


Endoca strives to be more than just a manufacturer by providing CBD products are highly concentrated while also offering the best value per MG of CBD. Their primary objective is to give people access to a variety of cannabinoid products that will aid in gaining or regaining a sense of equilibrium in your life and overall health and wellness. Perhaps more important than any medical treatment is your lifestyle, i.e. how you live, eat, exercise, and even brush your teeth. The best positive lifestyle changes are made through extensive education and that’s why Endoca is dedicated to creating an education center that promotes the sharing of all of accumulated knowledge pertaining to CBD, cannabis and its derivatives. Lastly, this company places the utmost importance on the education of their customers, clients and community in regards to the best methods possible for promoting a healthy lifestyle, always keeping in mind that all things great and small can have profound effects on our health and general well-being.

  RE Botanicals  

RE Botanicals has been at the forefront of USDA certified organic hemp CBD products since the beginning and all of their products are full spectrum and third party tested for purity and efficacy. They never use GMO seeds, GMO solvents, GMO carrier oils or GMO additives and they use a tried and tested method of gentle organic alcohol extraction to ensure that there are never any isolates in their products. Additionally, all of their U.S. grown organic hemp CBD extracts are blended with USDA certified organic MCT coconut oil, which is the gold standard of carrier oils and each one of their vegan capsules contains 15mg of CBD and are refreshingly convenient and perfectly suited for regular daily use. RE Botanicals also invites you to relax, rejuvenate and restore your body with their USDA certified CBD relief body oils, which consist of whole plant 100% organic essential oil blends paired with either 200mg or 500mg of CBD and organic MCT coconut oil in a convenient roller ball applicator. Lastly, RE Botanicals also supplies CBD products for your pets by providing CBD oil of the highest quality that is perfect for aiding in the regulation of your pet's endocannibinoid system.

  Nanocraft CBD  

Nanocraft’s primary goal is to be an industry leader that provides top-quality hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) products to the sports, health and fitness marketplaces along with educating consumers on the tremendous health benefits of hemp derived CBD. Nanocraft CBD is nestled in sunny La Jolla, California and they utilize nano-technology, which is a technical process that encapsulates or suspends key ingredients in nanospheres or nanoemulsions in order to deliver the medicinal benefits of CBD in their most concentrated form. The end result of this incredible process is superior, 100% organic CBD products that are more bio-available to the body. There are absolutely no wasted nutrients and the unparalleled quality and purity of all of their products is a direct result of high quality U.S. grown industrial hemp. Nanocraft also uses top of the line carbon dioxide equipment to extract the active, CBD-rich hemp from the plant material and every single drop of their hemp oil contains over 100 cannabinoids (112 to be exact). Amazingly, all of their products, which are tested for quality and potency, contain a full spectrum of beneficial natural compounds and one dollar from every purchase is donated to children across the globe.

  CBD American Shaman  

Following in the footsteps of shamanic history, CBD American Shaman is deeply committed to easing suffering through natural healing. Their 100% organic, ultra-concentrated compounds are derived from all natural, non-GMO high quality industrial hemp that contains no insecticides or heavy metals and these compounds are used to treat a variety of conditions in both humans and animals. They’ve got you covered, from vaping to skincare and felines to horses, there’s something for everyone in this terpene rich line of over 20 products. Additionally, their hemp oil is very effective and of the highest quality. This is accomplished by using proprietary nanotechnology that makes their products up to 9X more bioavailable than others on the market. Lastly, CBD American Shaman is a conscious enterprise that promotes sustainability by offering discounts for those with chronic conditions along with veterans and low-income customers.


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